About Montex

Montex Project is a virtual currency service focusing on Montex market and Montex wallet. In the markets of various services, products and virtual currencies where rapid-growing block chain technology is used, infrastructure for protecting consumers and investors cannot catch up with that speed, and is nothing short of being insufficient compared to other markets without enough legal system.

Weʼve seen damages due to hacking from virtual currency exchanges and wallets and fraudulent IOC cases. While some earned enormous wealth by rapidly setting their eyes on the revolutionary block chain technology and virtual currency markets, others lost their important assets by suffering such damages. GARHI GROUP, which has developed products in the field of the cutting-edge technology and engaged in product development, service offering and security consulting in the field of the cyber security is now conducting Montex Project in the field of the block chain and virtual currency markets aiming at protecting consumers and investors at the worldʼs highest level by integrating technologies and experiences that it has accumulated

Montex Market

At the virtual currency market, actually, there are many intangible ICO cases, and the share prices of most of tokens are plunging even though they are listed on the virtual currency exchange. In such a situation, not a few investors lost their important assets in the virtual currency market.
Montex Project, then, will open Montex, a virtual currency exchange ~ aiming at the world- best contributing to protecting investors~ which plays a role of protecting investors in the virtual currency market.

< Securities company managed-virtual currency exchange >

Montex is managed by Podgorica Broker (http://pgbroker.me/) listed on Montenegro Stock Exchange (www.montenegroberza.com). GARHI GROUP will acquire Podgorica Broker. Montex will be open by integrating rigorous management system of Podgorica Broker and the cutting-edge technology of GARHI GROUP.

Features of Montex

Securities company managed-Montex will be the worldʼs first virtual currency exchange where people can buy stocks of start-up companies by virtual currencies. Of course, you can buy major virtual currencies in the exchange and it will be the one at the worldʼs highest security level using the technology that Montex wallet created. It also will be the one protecting investors most in the world.In addition, the transaction fees will be cheaper by using our own currency MON.

Protection and surveillance system of Montex

Company surveillance system

Not a few virtual currency exchanges donʼt monitor progress of a currencyʼs project and leave it as it is once a currency is listed on an exchange. Therefore, projects of currencies are left neglected, which, of course, leads to less demand and low price. Montex will take rigorous screening and surveillance system against a virtual currency and a share-issuing entity that will be listed on Montex. Upon listing, the entity must submit financial settlements and deposit money, and those responsible for a project get interview. It will also be required to report progress of a project quarterly after listing. Montex may establish review committee and decide to delist an entity depending on the situation.

Investorsʼ protection system

On the other hand, even though rigorous company review is made, there are some cases where a companyʼs project doesnʼt go well as expected. In that case, prices of issued tokens go down. As a result, investors will decrease assets. Therefore, Montex introduced our own insurance system. When investors buy a virtual currency, they can purchase a certain insurance by using our own currency, MON. If they are covered and such virtual currency becomes delisted, the deposit which was made by a company will be distributed to the insured investors, which can cause less damages to them.

Montex: merits of tokens

1. Usable in Montex Wallet

MON can be used as a remittance fee at the worldʼs bestsecurity wallet, Montex Wallet. Currency can be received and sent at lower price and more safely than other companiesʼ wallets.

2. Usable in Montex Exchange

MON can be used as a transaction feefor virtual currencies and stocks. It can also used for purchasing insurance in the above-mentioned insurance system

3. MON can be used for purchasing stocks

In the Montex Exchange, blue chips of start-up companies will be listed. You can purchase those stocks directly by MON. Purchased stocks can be sold into ETH. So, immediately after purchasing MON, you can exchange it to anothervirtual currency and legal currency through stocks.

4. Increase of MON price

As mentioned in No.3 above, MON can be immediately exchanged to other virtual currencies and legal currencies through purchase of stocks. As MON is continuously expected of having actual demand as a commission in Wallet and as a commission token in the Exchange in the first place, MON itself is expected of increasing its price and listing at another exchange.

Montex Project Schedule



Site inspection of companies wishing to be listed at Montex Exchange



Start of Montex Wallet, air drop

December - 1


Release of Montex Wallet at App Store and Google play

December - 30


Start of using MON at Montex Wallet



Completion of Montex Exchange demo system

January - 1


Start of testing of selling and buying at Montex Exchange, vulnerability test



Open of Montex Exchange



Start of selling and buying a virtual currency, binary option at Montex Exchange

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